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To all the clients who have been part of our awesome journey, we thank you.

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  • “YOU SAVED OUR LIFE! It was a weekend and our critical payroll server crashed! Your team scrambled to work 24/7 to get our IT services up and running asap! I'd highly recommend them... due to their competency and flexibility.”
    Gim Leng Teoh, General Manager
    Malaysian Die-Casting Industries Sdn Bhd
  • “Over the past 8 years, we have been receiving prompt and effective service from your Fanatical Service team without fail. You guys have really relieved me of headaches in managing our email and other IT infrastructure. It is great to find a company that cares and does the right thing. You will have my business for a long time to come.”
    Sharon Aw, Assistant Manager
    Wah Seong Corporation Berhad
  • “At first, we were a bit skeptical to move to FatServers as we were hosted on one of the biggest providers in Malaysia. The move has proven to be a fantastic experience as your team assisted us with the migration without any headache. You have shown me that there are still companies out there that care about their customers and are willing to go the extra mile to help.”
  • “You have never failed me whenever I needed your support. Your team is available at anytime, whether on a public holiday or 3 in the morning. Not only are your products superb, but your customer service too. I cannot speak highly enough of your team.”
    Pek Wan
    Malay Mail

Technology Solutions

Let our tech ninjas fix your problems. Spend time on the events that really matter.

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IT Outsourcing

Like humans (and unlike ninjas), computers have bad days, but rarely do they ever recuperate on their own. Let our tech ninjas deal with your problems and kill the enemy…

Backup Systems

What if your hard drive crashed today? Would you curse and swear, then go into a cave for days? Many subconsciously think it will happen to others, but not you?

File Sharing

Do you keep passing around USB drives to share your data? Save time and energy with a central data server. Utilise your network fully, set up a system to store and share data securely.

Business Consulting

Businesses need to evolve, and oftentimes, great tools & systems complement the management to achieve greater heights. We provide consulting and shared services for CRM systems, finance operations and project management. Buzz us for a free consultation.


IT Procurement

We are constantly purchasing hardware and software and are able to negotiate bulk rates from suppliers. We would love to help you determine the suitable solutions for your needs and provide free consultancy.

Moving Office

We have helped many large offices plan their new IT setup and migration. Our focus is on minimising downtime and ensuring business continuity while relocating to new premises while you have a peace of mind.


Enterprise Web Hosting


In the year 2000…

We began our business with web hosting.

Today, we’re still rock solid with thousands of enterprise clients. We focus on servicing businesses and we do not compete with the value hosting segment. We believe in providing excellent service to those who need quality.

Those who have used us, stay with us. Try us out, you will see for yourself.

Services we offer

★  AWS & Cloud Solutions
 VPS & Dedicated Servers
★  Server Colocation
★  Web & Email Hosting
★  Domain Name Consolidation
★  Custom Solutions

About Us

FatNinjas is a brand by Integricity for our technology services.

If you can’t tell by now, we’re crazy and fun, yet cutting-edge when it comes to technology. Sure, our stealthy tech ninjas deliver results, but what’s the point of life, if we don’t live a little.

There’s a sign that was seen on a remote island that states,
“The worst day diving is better than the best day working”

We try to blend both together, so that we can dive into work and have fun!



One, it’s a cool name. It accords us with the ability to enjoy life and eat of its richest delicacies!

Then, it also means we are:

F – Friendly

A – Attentive

T – Techie

It’s everything you’d expect from a professional service agency that prevents IT woes.

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